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Abacus Inn is proud to offer a wide selection of Chinese food that you're sure to love, no matter how picky your tastes may be. Whether you're looking to have a relaxing meal with a loved one, or are hanging out with a group of friends, we're here to make your evening a fun and memorable time. Word has it that there is another Chinese restaurant named Abacus Inn somewhere in Phoenix, but we're not affiliated with them. We obviously can't attest to the quality of their food, but ours is completely amazing (and much better than theirs, we're sure). Don't believe us? Stop on in and we will prove it to you!

We have a full bar with satellite TV just outside our dining room if you need to catch the latest score; and if you want to host a birthday party, fear not, no party is too big or too small at Abacus Inn (although a party of 1 is too small, and a party above 300 is probably too big).

Whatever your reason is for celebrating, come to Abacus Inn for a night of good food and great hospitality. And hey, the fortune cookie is on us!


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